Angel Lilly of the cosmic golden star, radiating her love and light to all. Her wings are illuminating Divine Truth and abundance and the color blue creates a peaceful tranquil mind. From the heavens above healing pink light energy fills Lilly’s heart with loving and positive vibrations. She is protected and guided by Divine Angels, which are sent to help her and even honor and respect her, as Lilly is also reminded of her own angelic qualities that she is ready to share with others and is also reminded to keep believing in herself and be true to her heart always. Dolphins bring joy and happiness to our lives and they reminds us to breathe, let go, and be free.

    ANGEL LILLY Chalk Pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
  • BLUE RAY ANGEL (Throat Chakra)

    Angel of Spiritual inner peace and inspiration. Balancing creative self-expression so that communication is more pure. “Angel Of Peace” Oh Beautiful Angel enlighten us, on how to be at peace and express our true emotions from within to rebalance ourselves and communicate our love to all. The power of truthful, sweet speech. And touch us with your beauty and gracefulness to heal and uplift us so we are true to ourselves always!

    BLUE RAY ANGEL (Throat Chakra) Chalk Pastel Painting by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request

    White stallion brings strength, power, wisdom, freedom, balancing and reclaiming our true power. Oh magnificent horse of beauty flying on the wings of freedom, remind us to stay focused and find a balance between spiritual and worldly life. True power is wisdom found in remembering our true selves (divinity) and sharing our gifts and talents. May we ride your back and experience freedom, letting go of all entanglements, surrendering, having faith and enjoy galloping upon the winds of destiny.

    THE AWAITING MESSENGER "Angelic Horse" Chalk Pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
  • ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL “The Guardian Angel”

    Bringing strength, peace, integrity, determination and courage to protect the universal star realms, and help expand love to all beings. Oh guardian of the universe. You are the guiding light of truth with your mighty blue sword, cut away the darkness of ignorance from our hearts and negative energies that stagnates around planets and star galaxies. Protect what is so sacred to all beings, “Divine love”, and help spread the swirling loving light into the hearts of all beings who need it.

    ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL “The Guardian Angel” by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
  • GOLDEN RAY ANGEL (Solar plexus chakra)

    “Angel of purification and clarity” The acceptance and integration of our feelings, wishes, and experiences helps us to relax and open up, thus our inner light increases and expands out more, illuminating out situations in life. “Angel of inner light” Radiant angel grant us your loving warmth, nurture and energize our tired ethereal bodies, and help us to purify our desires and wishes by controlling and letting go, using our creative energies instead in appositive way to help others. May we feel enlightened, full of joy and experience an inner richness and harmony within when we are open to your protective power and gentle guidance then we will shine our golden light of inner wisdom and abundance.

    GOLDEN RAY ANGEL "Solar Plexus Chakra" chalk pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
  • ORANGE RAY ANGEL (Sacral chakra) “Angel of Creative Energy and Inner Wholeness”

    Being in harmony with the natural flow of life and balanced feelings, opening ourselves towards others, behaving naturally, seeing ourselves as parts of the everlasting process of creation. “Angel of Inner Beauty” Glorious angel if our yin and yang energies seem unbalanced then cleanse and purify our blockages that hinder its vital flows of liberated, free flowing energies in the dance of creation performed by the male and female energy’s, also encouraging us to renounce the limitations of the ego and experience greater wholeness in integrated union with your loving guidance. Empower us with the flow of creative life energy rising through our body, mind and soul experiencing an all-embracing sense of united oneness with all, filling us with awe.

    ORANGE RAY ANGEL (Sacral Chakra) original painting by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request

    Spreading the wings of sweet nectar of pink love to the hearts of all, she reminds us of our angelic divinity within us. Sharing her joy with the world. Surround ourselves with the color of blue energy for healing so we feel more tranquil and peaceful, which opens you up to spiritual inspiration. Butterflies represent the positive cycle of self-transformation, balanced in all things, divine grace and beauty.

    PAIGE – ANGEL OF THE PINK STAR Chalk Pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
    Price On Request
  • GREEN RAY ANGEL (Heart Chakra)

    Angel of Spiritual union through love and compassion, expanding love through the heart to all beings. Living in pure selfless love, immersed in divine bliss. “Angel Of Love” Oh sweet embodiment of love, may you enlighten us on the truth of love. May we see love and experience love in everything and that we always living in love, and to share the spirit of love to all. Help us open our hearts, expanding love energy through out the cosmos in helping uplifting and healing our planet. As you send the cosmic orbs of love energy to us all, may it bring about peace and harmony in all worlds and in all hearts.

    GREEN RAY ANGEL Original Chalk Pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request

    Oh divine healer share your ancient knowledge with us so we understand our true nature and can heal ourselves. With your divine radiating light may it penetrate our being to heal and uplift us, to give us courage to overcome obstacles that may hinder our healing. As you offer the healing nectars of divinity may we be free of all suffering and merge in the ever blissful oneness.

    MEDICINE BUDDHA "Divine Healer" Angel painting by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
    Price On Request

    Be immersed by the divine, loving and healing wisdom of the Saptarishi. As he gazes upon you let him take you to a different dimensional state. His loving divine presence illumines the very depth of your being.

    Saptarishi original chalk pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
  • VIOLET RAY ANGEL (Crown Chakra)

    Angel of spiritual knowledge of all dimensions, healing rays of divine consciousness, emanating oneness. “Angel Of Wisdom” Oh vibrant Angel, grace us with your violet brilliance and illumination which purifies our minds, destroys delusions and energizes the prana, bestows longevity and blesses us with health, radiance, courage and inexhaustible strength. Help us attain universal consciousness and awaken the intuitive powers within us realizing our divine self.

    VIOLET RAY ANGEL Chalk Pastel by Kim Wedel
    Price On Request
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