Uplifting Benefits of Receiving an Intuitive Painting

The paintings are very individual, personal and heart opening,

deeply touching your inner being and reminding you of your

own Divinity. A painting will emanate a strong loving energy,

helping with your own personal transformation. It will reflect

divine aspects of your self. The colors and symbolic meanings

that relate to you will give out deep inner wisdom that may

be revealed to you now or later depending on where you are

at in your spiritual awareness. It will also help in guiding and

empowering you to stay focused, reminding you about your

spirituality, life lessons and the goal to focus on.

The peaceful energy surrounding the picture will help quiet

the mind and promote peace and foster contemplation,

connecting you into pure Divine consciousness that we are

and experience greater levels of unconditional love.

Many people report they feel reassured, guided, or

transformed by dwelling on the Divine art Kim has created.


Personal Guardian Angel Paintings

Have you ever had visions or dreams of your Angels, or felt

their presence strongly, or have a wish to see them clearly,

and connect with them on a deeper level?

That’s why an Intuitive Angelic painting is a beautiful way in

experiencing their Divine presence and being immersed in

their radiant beauty.

Please refer to ANGELS AND MASTERS Portfolio for


You or your loved one as a Divine Angel

Would you like a detailed painting of yourself or loved one as

a divine Angel? Let Kim’s art transform you or your loved one

into a beautiful radiant angel! A wonderful way to remind

yourself of your innate Divinity. A carefully selected

photograph of the face and shoulders is required.

Please refer to ANGEL TRANSFORMATIONS Portfolio for




 Child Angel

Have your children or grandchildren transformed into a

heavenly Angel! Let this painting inspire, uplift and guide

them to their inner self of Divine Love. A written Angel

Message for your child will be included with this painting.

Please refer to ANGEL TRANSFORMATIONS Portfolio for


Intuitive Original Paintings

Let Kim tune into the Divine and create an intuitive and

visionary beautiful piece of artwork for you. This can consist

of: Portraits of a Guru, God, Goddess, Ascended Master,

Celestial Deva, nature and beyond.



Portfolios for examples.


We like to do our best to work with you on pricing, so please

contact us through the guestbook or email Kim and Steven

at anandasaiart@gmail.com

Please note

When Kim is creating a piece of Art work for you, each

painting is an original and takes time to manifest itself on the

canvas or pastel paper, she will let you know approximately

how long and the time needed until finished.

All Paintings include a Description (Divine message)

associated with the painting

Orginal paintings available in: 1) Chalk pastel on pastel paper,

2) Acrylic on canvas, or 3) Oils on canvas.