Spiritual Art Workshops


For children and adults

Kim also conducts spiritual art workshops and has been

teaching for over ten years through helping people

reconnect with their creative inner-selves

What are Spiritual Art Workshops ?

It’s a fun sharing time with a group of like minded souls,

expressing oneself through creativity, experiencing divine

love with all, in a heart to heart connection, and you will

discover more about your true self through this creativity,

it’s a journey with the inner spirit. You will feel

reconnected, relaxed, inspired and your hearts will open

more as your paintings will express the essence of your

Divine self and It will be very insightful and uplifting.

Come and be inspired to connect with your own intuition

and inner guidance to bring about a beautiful creative


Kim who is a specialist will help in guiding and teaching

simple techniques so people can overcome fears and

doubts while painting their works of Art.

Art inspired by the Divine energy opens the heart, deeply

touching your inner being and reminding you of your own


Receive gifts of wisdom

Angelic guides and ascended masters from different

realms are working very hard to guide us and want to

relay powerful, loving messages for ones spiritual growth

to help and uplift us all

Art workshops are a great opportunity to get in touch with

our divine guides and to receive gifts of wisdom. These

messages can be received intuitively by the inner-voice, or

in meditations, as images, visions, color rays,

synchronicities, or expressed by symbolism, which can

come in many forms. This type of guidance can have a

positive loving impact on a person’s journey in life.

Past workshop themes

• Intuitive expressional paintings. “Your inner Divine radiance”

• Sacred Mandela Woman’s workshops. “ The Spiritual Heart”

• Sai Ladies Drawing Workshops

• Goddess Energy portraits. “Connecting with your

   Goddess self, your gifts, essence and divine wisdom”.

• Ascended masters and Devic Art

• Dolphin art workshops

• Animal Totem Art “ reconnecting and healing “

• Intuitive Angel Art

• Guardian Angel portraits. ”Personal Angel with a clear

   Angel message and angelic healing energies”.

Intuitive Art workshops

Is an exciting day filled with meditation, creativity, and

receiving guidance and inspiration for your own Art work.

No Art Experience necessary

The workshops will include:

• An open discussion

• A guided visual meditation

• Intuitive paintings

• Intuitive message of your work

• Sharing the message with others

• Lunch and refreshments

• All art materials provided

• Take your art home and feel the energy shift

Interested in Workshops?

To arrange to have one of these sacred art workshops in

your locality, please feel free to contact Kim and Steven at

anandasaiart@gmail.com or use the guestbook.

Thank You!!!