Born in Waitakere Ranges in Auckland New Zealand. My

early years as a child were spent in the beautiful nature,

and I became imbued with a love for nature. It was the

major source of my inspiration and imagination, as it always

felt alive and full of ancient knowledge. For me nature is one

of our greatest teachers.


I had a wonderful childhood, yet sometimes in our lives we

all go thru some challenges that force us to go deep within

to search for solace, peace, or even pray for help.


As for my childhood I went through a challenging time due

to a loss of hearing on a severely infected ear, which

required multiple surgeries until the age of 18. The seed of

art sprouted within me as I found that drawing or painting

would help to escape the pain and suffering and not

realizing at the time I could connect and go into the deep

stillness where Gods creative realm is. And in this

discovering opportunity my artistic mother was very

supportive and inspired me in many ways with her talents.

As she could see this gift I had and it was helping on many

levels, healing and giving me joy. I owe my gratitude to my

mother’s guidance, patience and understanding.


As a young adult I moved to Australia and explored the

fitness world and had a career in personal training, yet I

kept experiencing a deeper inner calling until one day I was

forced to slow down due to a back injury. My world became

upside down, and thru this challenge undergoing back

therapies and spiritual healings, I started experiencing

visions. And with divine guidance it moved me to another

level of expressive visionary art. Which was a spiritual

awakening experience. My heart opened up and allowed this

familiar energy to flow through the hands onto the paper. I

was allowing the awareness to reconnect with oneness and

the self-portrait expressions (spirit guides, celestial beings

and creatures of nature) were images that came with deep

profound messages of wisdom from divinity itself. This

helped with my own transformation and spiritual growth and

brought more happiness, balance, and fulfillment to my life.

As a few years went by and many more heart opening

experiences like having darshan at the age of 28 with my

guru in India, which words cannot explain, the power of

Divine Love and what it does to the spiritual heart. It was

transformation and purification of mind, body and heart.

Soon after I met my husband Steven in Australia. And

through the challenges of getting to accept and know each

other and learning to love on a higher level, I was guided to

paint Sai Baba and later I also had visions of celestial beings

to paint as well. 

So here I am self-taught or more like “divinely taught”, an

intuitive, clairvoyant and visionary artist who uses different

mediums and textures to enhance the depths and vibrancy

in expressing what I consider a God given gift. I became

deeply drawn and inspired to paint portraits of Divine

masters and Deva’s interwoven with symbolism, color

vibrational energy and nature. I believe in the power of

creation, which leads, to oneness and ultimately to

my inspiration of Supreme Love.

The latest paintings are mostly done in oils and chalk

pastels. Especially in oils I feel the many layers of color

have an intense sharpness, yet portray a soft glowing

appearance, a heavenly glow emanates from the painting and

that hopefully the depth in the eyes will take your breath

away and at the same time touch your heart. For me the

eyes are the window of the soul “the presence of God”.

As for painting Divine Masters or Celestial Devas, I feel

Divine consciousness flows thru the heart and hands onto

the canvas or paper, so in effect, they paint “themselves”

and that emanates their Divine Loving energy (nature).

I currently reside in India with my husband Steven. We

have both have been inspired and given a chance to

volunteer with a children’s project, where I was teaching

art. And now I am in instrument for inspiring teachers in

learning more art skills to integrate them into other schools

around India.

Love and Blessings